Stop the Fish Farm Faeces Dump!

Stop the Fish Farm Faeces Dump

The Tasmanian Government currently places no limit on the amount of faeces big salmon farming companies can dump in our coastal waters. This might have been bearable when the industry was small, but it is expanding at break-neck speed.

Environment Tasmania estimates big salmon companies currently dump 2.1 million kilograms of nitrogen pollution in Tasmania's coastal waters every year.


Fish Farm Faeces Dump

Not only does the Government fail to put a limit on the amount of pollution the industry can dump - they also let them dump in coastal bays and harbours, where the water is too shallow and current too weak to flush out this amount of pollution.

The Marine Farming Review Panel is currently reviewing big salmon's plans to expand into another sheltered bay - this time on our stunning Sapphire Coast.

Send a message to the Review Panel and tell them there should be no intensive salmon farming allowed in sheltered bays that can't bear the tonnes of pollution salmon farming dumps in our coastal waters.