ET commends West Coast Councillors for blocking Tassal’s waste dump

Environment Tasmania welcomes today’s statement by West Coast Council that it does not support Tassal’s proposal to dump their treated fish farming waste back into Macquarie Harbour.

“Good on these Councillors for standing up to Tassal and acting to protect Macquarie Harbour from further damage,” says Laura Kelly, Strategy Director at Environment Tasmania.

“Tassal needs to respect the science and the community's decision and take this waste dumping option off the table,” Ms Kelly says.

Environment Tasmania is also calling on TasWater to rule out a Trade Waste Agreement that would allow Tassal’s waste to be dumped through existing sewerage outlets.

“We know TasWater has already rejected this waste once before because it breaches government pollution limits and is very high in salinity. But we also know that Tassal are pressuring TasWater to take it off their hands, as they have failed to find an alternative that is acceptable to the community and they are desperate for a solution."

“TasWater needs to rule out putting waste into the system that breaches State Government pollution limits. And Tassal should never have produced this amount of waste before they had a disposal solution in place, it is deeply irresponsible,” Ms Kelly said.