Environment Tasmania welcomes EPA intervention on Tassal’s crap management plan

Environment Tasmania welcomes the EPAs intervention to prevent Tassal proceeding with risky dredging operations on its Macquarie Harbour dead zone, adjacent to the Tasmanian World Heritage Area.

“Allowing Tassal’s desperate dredging plans to proceed would have been the death knell for endangered species in the Harbour and the Tasmanian Government’s reputation,” says Laura Kelly, Strategy Director, Environment Tasmania. “It is unfortunate that Tassal engaged contractors and moved equipment into the Harbour prior to checking their basic obligations under the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act.”

“We are grateful that the EPA has intervened and grateful that Huon Aquaculture stood up to block this threat to the Harbour through the courts.”

“Now it is imperative for Tassal to be held to the biomass cap in Macquarie Harbour and for Premier Hodgman to intervene to prevent Tassal putting fish into Okehampton bay without the proper planning approvals. We can’t allow the mess in Macquarie Harbour to transferred to our pristine east coast,” Ms Kelly said.

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