Environment Tasmania praises Huon leadership – calls for government structural adjustment package to assist industry old guard.

Environment Tasmania strongly welcomes Huon Aquaculture’s $300 million investment in land based fish farming in Tasmania, which will secure Huon’s stake in the future of salmon farming globally and begin to heal some of the damage done in Tasmania’s coastal communities.

The state’s peak environment group is also calling on Minister for Fisheries, Jeremy Rockliff, to begin a conversation on structural adjustment in the industry, so that other salmon companies are supported in the inevitable transition to land based and offshore operating systems.  

“This is just smart business,” said Laura Kelly, Environment Tasmania. “Huon has read the global market signals correctly. With warming waters and mounting evidence of the damage caused by intensive inshore operations, the industry is zeroing in on a move to land, where it can control the growing environment.”

“The question now is if government needs to offer Tassal some financial assistance to catch-up. If our largest company remains stubbornly committed to a decades old operating model, the result will be ongoing conflict which harms Brand Tasmania.”  

“Environment Tasmania would welcome a conversation with Minister Rockliff and Tassal CEO Mark Ryan on a structural adjustment package for the industry which will assist companies to transition to more modern production systems.”

“Australian Ethical Investment’s recent decision to offload its Tassal shares is a clear sign that even if Tassal won’t abandon damaging plans for Macquarie Harbour and Okehampton Bay for moral and environmental reasons, there are clear business reasons to transition to a more sustainable operating model,” Ms Kelly said.

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  • Di Elliffe
    commented 2017-04-07 11:40:22 +1000
    I’m assuming that the wastewater will be utilised by another agricultural process?