Send an email to help clean up salmon farms in Tasmania

Salmon farms are polluting Tasmania’s clean waters, damaging the health of the marine environment, and impacting on other coastal resource users and communities.


Right now, salmon farming is the ocean equivalent of overcrowded caged chicken farms, pouring tonnes of nutrients into waterways.

Salmon farming is like fast food to seals – it attracts them in great numbers to south-east Tasmania. At least 144 protected seals have died as a result of salmon farming since 2009 in this region.

Farmed salmon are dyed to be the classic salmon colour that most Australians would think is natural.

Salmon farm debris, noise and light are impacting on local waterways, beautiful nearby National Parks and coastal communities.

Monitoring of the impacts from salmon farms is minimal, ignores local important ecosystems such as reefs and kelp forests, and data is not made public.

Tell the companies enough is enough! Demand a greater say for coastal communities in the monitoring, planning and management of salmon farms and help protect our magnificent waterways for all.


Read this new report by independent scientist Hugh Kirkman on the need for better monitoring

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