Blue Tier Giant Walk - Environment Tasmania

Blue Tier Giant Walk

This hand-built track weaves unobtrusively through the landscape and divides into the Big Tree trail and a longer circuit.

In addition to its stunning valley and fern-forest views, the loop track passes a number of striking tall trees, such as the ‘Cradle Tree’. It also crosses a stone-arch bridge over an agricultural water race.

The Big Tree, commonly known in Tasmania as a swamp gum or giant ash, soars to around 60 metres. It is the widest living tree in Australia – with a startling chest-high girth of 19.4 metres. Remarkably, its hollow would not have begun forming until the tree was around 150 years of age. Hollows like these are important habitats for birds, possums, bats and invertebrates, which use them as day or night shelters, or for feeding or rearing young.

Giant ash are impressive natural carbon sequesterers, and the tallest flowering trees in the world. In the Blue Tier area, they are also vital nesting places for rare or endangered birds – such as the wedge-tailed eagle, white goshawk, and pink robin.

A number of interpretation panels are located along this track, describing flora and fauna, and the remarkable people who fought tirelessly to protect their beloved Big Tree and the Blue Tier area.

You will find a special literary quote from Australian writer Anna Krien at the head of this track.



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