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Ernest Goitein

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    Just made a donation to Environment Tasmania

    Stop Tassal Trashing Our East Coast

    The pristine waters around Okehampton Bay provide vital calving habitat

    Tassal already have their machinery on the ground. They have no planning approvals and no social licence. To protect the coastline we love, our recreational fishing grounds, critical endangered whale calving habitat -- we must act now.

    This is just the thin edge of the wedge. We know the industry want to double in size over the next two decades and we can’t let Okehampton Bay be a new beachhead for their expansion up the East Coast.

    Your donation will help us continue to expose Tassal's illegal activities and explore every avenue to stop their Okehampton Bay plans. 

    Thank you for your support.


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    End Deadly Pair Trawling

    End Deadly Pair Trawling

    When the UK public saw the pictures of mutilated dolphins, they stood up and made the government ban pair trawling. Pair trawling chews through marine life and increases local over-fishing. It is a huge threat to Australia's recreational fishing and coastal tourism communities.

    Tell Senator Anne Ruston she should never have allowed deadly pair trawling and that you will stand up for our marine life!


     Dolphin killed by pair-trawling in the UK. © Greenpeace / Gavin Newman

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