A promise of change from Tassal, conservationists need details

Environment Tasmania has cautiously welcomed Tassal’s commitment to transition to offshore farming, but has questions about the date for withdrawal from the companies Tinderbox and Okehampton Bay leases and the size of its new Storm Bay farming area.

“This commitment is an important first step for Tassal. But before we can comment we need details of the date for withdrawal from their Tinderbox lease- as the company has actually just applied to intensify production there in the coming year.”

“We also need a date for Tassal’s withdrawal from Okehampton Bay – which like Tinderbox, is a highly contested inshore lease next to a marine reserve,” Ms Kelly says.

“Storm Bay is higher wave energy than Tassal’s inshore leases, which is a good thing. But it will be crucial that the company properly consults the tourism, fishing and sailing communities as their proposal takes out some 400 hectares of water from public use. The area is also a whale migratory route, so controlling debris and vessel movements will be key,” Ms Kelly says.