‘Tasmanian Peak Environment Group requests WWF stop taking payments from Tassal’ - Environment Tasmania

‘Tasmanian Peak Environment Group requests WWF stop taking payments from Tassal’

Tasmania’s peak environment group has written to WWF Australia requesting they stop taking money from Tassal – Australia’s largest farmed salmon producer - after the global environment group ignored water pollution issues to endorse Tasmania’s controversial industrial salmon farming industry in The Australian today. 

"Tassal’s practices are polluting a Tasmanian World Heritage Area and creating marine dead zones around the state – with fish faeces and low oxygen levels suffocating marine life under salmon pens.

“Serious questions need to be asked as to why an environment group is unequivocally endorsing these practices – while at the same time taking up to $500,000 per year from the company causing this environmental harm,” said Laura Kelly, Strategy Director of Environment Tasmania.

“While there are some benefits of sustainably farming salmon, WWF has not addressed serious questions about their support for Tassal’s salmon farming operations in Macquarie Harbour, which are clearly in breach of WWF’s own sustainability criteria.”

“Until these sustainability issues are transparently addressed, we are requesting the WWF ends their financial relationship with Tassal." 

"If WWF genuinely wants to demonstrate the sustainability of salmon farming, it should distance itself from poor operations like Tassal's, that appear incapable of recognising or addressing sustainability problems," Ms Kelly said. 

For comment: Laura Kelly, 0401 559 335