Macquarie Harbour disaster: 1.35 million morts on Premier Hodgman’s hands - Environment Tasmania

Macquarie Harbour disaster: 1.35 million morts on Premier Hodgman’s hands

Media release


Today the Director of the Tasmanian EPA confirmed 1.35 MILLION salmon were killed in Tasmania’s major West Coast farming region, Macquarie Harbour, between October 2017 and March 2018. Over two thousand Environment Tasmania supporters have petitioned salmon companies for release of this information, which no salmon company would reveal and which the Hodgman Government concealed in the lead up to the March 2018 state election.

“Premier Hodgman has presided over a biosecurity, animal welfare and environmental disaster in Macquarie Harbour and actively concealed mass fish kill numbers from the electorate in the lead up to the last state election,” says Laura Kelly, Environment Tasmania.

“And the cover-up continues, with the Government still refusing to release the January 2018 IMAS science on the Harbour, while acknowledging that the report shows a worsening of conditions, increased marine species death under leases and four leases in breach of State regulations related to bacteria mats on the Harbour floor.”

“Meanwhile a biomass of 9,500 tonnes will be maintained, when biosecurity, animal welfare and endangered species protection all demand that Macquarie Harbour should be emptied of fish and given a chance to recover. “

 “Just two Maugean Skate eggs have been found in the latest IMAS research tracking the decline of the Federally protected species. The Hodgman Government and salmon companies have signed-off on this rare species' extinction.”

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