Ponguin Curly at Environment Tasmania

Ponguin Curly

  • commented on Clean up Fish Farms 2018-09-26 17:38:33 +1000
    REAL fish farmers farm everything ON LAND and recycle their waste and used water! Why can’t Tasmanian regulators bring all the fish farming on land and BE sustainable!? Petuna Huon and Tassal are NO real fish farmers – they just rip offf the country endlessly!
    A very concerned tourist from Switzerland

  • commented on Salmon giants win approval to dump on the 1st signs of life in Macquarie Harbour 2018-07-17 17:57:47 +1000
    Wrong government
    Wrong environment minister
    Wrong attitude
    WHY would I as a foreign tourist come to (still beautiful) Tasmania when MY ONLY REASON is the natural beauty and THIS government throws it all to the bin? If I want to see SHIT I could go traveling in many other places (including main land Australia)!
    Jesus Christ Tasmania where are you heading to?? Don’t give it all away for corporate greed and bribery!!
    Roland Stuber