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Andreas Bimba

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  • commented on Clean up Fish Farms 2017-09-27 06:10:46 +1000
    The Tasmanian government should instead of expanding this environmentally mismanaged industrial scale fish farming industry – lobby for more federal government funding for Tasmania and plan for the development of environmentally sustainable jobs in Tasmania like responsibly designed pumped hydro, electricity exports to the mainland especially during peak demand periods, high value plantation forest products processing, responsible tourism, ecologically sustainable agriculture, wind power, niche shipbuilding, specialist manufacturing, investing in rail freight and public transport, investing in basic to higher education and similar. The Tasmanian government could instead think of Tasmania as a small ‘Scandinavian country’, be bold and forward thinking, socially inclusive and protect Tasmania’s highly valuable natural environment that is your biggest asset along with your people.

    Learn more about macroeconomics and you will realise the federal government’s deficit is not debt at all but represents an expansion of the money supply which is essential for economic growth. Economic growth must however be managed concurrently to reduce our environmental burden for example by rapidly transitioning to clean energy and true environmental sustainability as well as by investing in important areas like education and healthcare and not for more wasteful and ultimately unsatisfying consumerism.

  • signed Tassal's not welcome in the classroom 2017-09-10 00:39:12 +1000

    Keep Tassal's corporate advertising out of Primary Schools

    Please sign our petition to the Federal Education Minister and the CEO of Primary Industries Education Foundation to help us keep Tassal’s corporate advertising out of schools.

    3,700 signatures

    Federal Minister for Education and Training, Senator the Hon. Simon Birmingham
    CEO of the Primary Industries Foundation Australia, Ben Stockwin

    Please keep Tassal's corporate advertising out of our primary schools

    Tassal have announced they are heading into schools to promote their salmon to kids. But with their soaring antibiotics use, marine dead zones, threats to endangered species and the formation of thick bacterial mats under their pens around Tasmania, Tassal gets a D minus in sustainability from us.

    We know how important it is for kids to understand where our food comes from, how it is grown and how to make the best choice as consumers. But when it comes to sustainable aquaculture Tassal has failed consistently in Tasmania. On the east coast of Tasmania Tassal are moving into endangered whale calving habitat, and on the west coast they have already pushed the endangered Maugean Skate to the brink of extinction. They’re planning to double production, which means farming new areas, and their track record suggests they’ll do so with scant regard for the concerns of locals, tourism operators and recreational fishers.

    This is not what a truly sustainable salmon farming industry looks like, and it’s not what we want to be teaching the next generation. And with Tassal's product coming from unhealthy growing conditions, and the company's 75% spike in use of antibiotics listed by the World Health Organisation as very important for human health, there are real questions about how healthy Tassal's salmon is.

    Tassal's corporate advertising has no place in our primary schools. We urge you to act to prevent Tassal's Salmon in Schools program from going ahead.

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