Brian Croke

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    Yeh sustainable fishing for all, let’s stop our smorgasbord lifestyles where we want so much to be on hand and only choose a small amount and let the rest go to waste, big companies will do anything to make money and produce goods at any cost, but they must have a market that buys it all.

    Support FloatMo

    Australian fishing icon Steve “Starlo” Starling says Tassal’s Okehampton Bay salmon farming proposal is a “disaster waiting to happen” and now AFL star Nick Reiwoldt has joined the campaign too!

    On Sunday 18 June the local Tassie community are holding a huge, peaceful flotilla and rally on Hobart’s waterfront. It's called #FloatMo and it'll send a clear message to our Premier that Tassal’s plan to spread industrial salmon farming up our pristine East Coast must be stopped. Their industrial fish farm would be bad for our precious marine environment, bad for fishing, bad for our tourism brand and terrible for endangered whales.

    If you can make it please RSVP here. Otherwise show your support now by sending a message of support to Nick and Starlo.