Premier bans Tassal from east coast – without banning their east coast salmon farm

Tasmania’s peak environment group has questioned the usefulness of Premier Hodgman’s east coast salmon ban, which fails to ban the only industrial farm currently planned for the east coast – Tassal’s 4000 tonnes Okehampton Bay development.

“Premier Hodgman has announced a ban on east coast salmon farming without banning the only planned east coast salmon farm,” said Laura Kelly, Strategy Director at Environment Tasmania

“By the Premier’s own logic Tassal has no right to proceed with its industrial east coast development – in endangered whale calving habitat and prime tourism and fishing country.”

“Considering Tassal intends to proceed with a 195 metre industrial jetty and 3000 mega litre dam, and the Premier has refused to prevent this industrial foothold going in, the community would be fair in questioning how meaningful the Premier’s Facebook video actually is.”

“Given that yesterday the EPA literally rewrote the law overnight to protect Tassal from Federal Court proceedings in Macquarie Harbour, the community is right to have little confidence in this Government’s word or Tassal’s word.”

“Instead of dodging the issue, the Premier needs to bite the bullet, stand up to Tassal and prevent them from establishing an industrial foothold on the east coast,” Ms Kelly said.


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